Packaging Designer

Dizigrafix can offer you the services and skill of an experienced packaging designer. We have had more than a decade of design experience and the results can be seen in the market place. Being a packaging designer we have worked with many different packaging materials and mediums.  Please click on links below to view our latest designs covering a variaty of materials and printing processes.

  • Finseal packaging (Crisp, Candy, Coffie packets etc.)
  • Pouches and bags - Flat, Self standing and Re-sealable (Biltong, cerial etc.)
  • Labels (Food, Cosmetic labels on tubes or bags etc)
  • Boxes and display stands

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Your Packaging designs need to be presented in an attractive but practical way.  It is essential for your product to be packaged in the correct material as well as looking good.  When working on a design we would consult with the printers technical staff as well as the re pro company so that we all understand the needs and limitations of the printed design. It could save you time and money by deciding at an early stage weather you would want to use Flexible printing (Cyrel plates) lithographic printing or Screen printing processes.