Web Design

The World Wide Web is now an unavoidable part of business and communication. Having a web site is an efficient way of presenting your products and services to everyone out there.

What you need for a website

  • Firstly you will need to register an available domain name with an  ISP (eg. Mweb, Cybersmart, yahoo etc).
  • Next you will need to have a site built.
  • Then you will need to have it hosted by someone. (eg. Mweb, Cybersmart, yahoo etc).

We can arrange all the above for you.

The types of website we can offer you:

A template based static website:

This site is based on a choice of predesigned layouts which we add your content to and adjust colours and logos etc.

A CMS website (Content Mangment System)

"Joomla" is an opensource, tempelate driven CMS sytem which allows you to update and add content yourself through your own browser. This would take some knowledge and skill.  Your hosting service would have to support this system in order to install and use it successfullly.  You would be able to purchase the template  of your choice.